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The process


Collect Data

Understanding Business


The first phase is the strategic phase and consists in collecting data and understanding the business on which you want to build the Web project. We analyze and compare the best solutions in the market to create a website totally focused on incomes.

Visual Design




This is where all the magic happens. We will work closely on design, code and content development to generate a well-oiled machine capable of automating processes, such as generating leads (potential customers) or even sales.

UX Testing

A/B Testing



This is the phase in which we do the pre-launch. The project is presented to a certain number of people to be valued and receive real feedback. Later the relevant changes are made based on that feedback and prepare for the official launch.


WEB Development

Surely you need a website that has umpteen features but without leaving you a lot of budget. That has blog, shopping cart, contact form, testimonials, multi-language, which is responsive, that the code is optimized for SEO. Perfect.

WEB Design

Do you need a Design that turns visitors into customers? No problem, I love to research your sector until you get your so "killer"and smashing that Jack the Ripper would stay 😯.

WEB optimization

To reduce the load times of your website is not an option, is a must. You do not support slow webs, your clients do not support slow webs, and of course Google does not support slow webs. I guarantee that your website will load in less than 1s Or I'll give you the money back.

Do you want to learn WordPress?


I organize a Meetup group and every month we meet in Barcelona to talk, discuss, disseminate and teach about WordPress. We do free courses, tutorials and offer technical support hours. In short, we are a community where experts and beginners connect to benefit each other.

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Some jobs


You think I'm a good job of my clients ' money? Enter and check the look and load speed of some of these websites. Some of them will have been modified later by the client.


My clients's feedback

These are not the only ones, but all of them are real and significative

Jose Poveda
Marketing Consultant

I supervised Luis in Bilnea as head of web development. He is an insatiable, versatile worker with an unstoppable ability to grow. He provided ideas and solutions to the daily problems and our clients always came out delighted with the meetings. A pleasure to have worked with him. Currently, we continue collaborating on professional projects outside of Bilnea and I hope that it will be for much longer.

Pablo Mañana
CEO at Limout Marketing Agency

Luis Zarza is a professional with all that it implies, is an example that the freelance model is as serious and professional as any other when you find people like him.
I would emphasize the commitment and seriousness in the work and the quality, always with very good attitude looking for solutions and engaging in the projects and contributing good ideas.
It is a pleasure to collaborate with him because you have the peace of mind to know that fulfills his responsibilities and even exceeds expectations.
No doubt we'll keep working together.

Mark Carr
CEO at Spain Advisors

For website design, ongoing consulting and general marketing assistance, I can highly recommend Luis. My first website produced zero leads or contacts from visitors. I hired Luis to design a new site and it's producing a lot of leads and contacts from visitors. Some have converted into clients. Luis managed all aspects of the site from photos and videos to design; He answers emails when there's a problem and is in general very talented and reliable.

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About Me

I consider myself more as a WEB consultant than a developer/designer, because besides doing the technical work I always advise my clients and give Web and Marketing Consultants to them. My work process is always collaborative where my client is fully involved in all stages of it and in which I also actively participate, asking, consulting and guiding the client so that he can reach the objective of the pursued business.

I am a believer and practitioner of the "win-win", "give before ordering" and "Test results first" philosophies. So when I start working on a project is always with the goal of bringing the best results to that business.

I live in Barcelona where I enjoy the life, the culture and the enterprising ecosystem that this beautiful city offers. When I'm not working, I like to play football, give talks on WordPress and eat at the most interesting restaurants in Barcelona.